Sara Uduwela


Stay Tuned.

As some of you have been following me for a few years, you know I used to be in the Wedding industry, shooting SO MANY weddings! in 2012 I decided to leave my business and attend art school in San Francisco. I had a grand vision of the city and its artist community and knew I was going to bring it hard! Whatever "it" was. Well art school turned out to suck the creative everything out of me. LOL. I did not leave though.. I gained lots of technical knowledge that I did not have before, though my portfolio was now ALL OVER THE PLACE. I tried all the genres, shot all the things, didn't shoot other things, played with some cool cameras and came out with some great friends!

This is my new website, the old one is completely gone, you will not be able to find it. Unfortunate because my blog was intensive! it showed history! But I am hoping to eventually getting around to archiving all my posts (one rainy day). In the mean time, I will be cultivating new posts from my life today onwards. I have graduated art school and begun working in the San Francisco photo industry. Success? I guess. But I am hungry for more. I am hungry for travel and travel and travel. I hope my photography will take me that route. This blog will surely reflect it, and everyone can accompany me in my life/thoughts/experiences/projects from here on out.

Welcome to the new and improved (adult-ing) Sara Uduwela!

*Mic Drop*

Sara Uduwela