Sara Uduwela


Aids Life Cycle 2016.. Real Life is Different Now.

Hey guys! I am pleased to present you with a video peek into life on the ride with Aids Life Cycle. As many of you may know.. via my pestering emails and non-stop text messages asking you to pull out your credit cards and donate to my fundraising page, I rode my bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles a few weeks ago. It wasn’t a lie! and I actually made it the whole way! (well most of it). I’d like to thank everyone for their support even if you didn’t know or understand what the hell this ride was for.

Prior to day one I had over trained and under stretched and pulled a muscle in my knee, I couldn’t walk up or down stairs and worst of all I couldn’t ride my bike! I was devastated that I was not going to be able to go on this ride that I had been working my ass off for all year. I had heard about all of the medical support along the ride and made up my mind that I was not going to give up before I could begin so I rode out strong with my team from the Cow Palace in South San Francisco and successfully made it all the way to Santa Cruz with no casualties. This was already a milestone for me, the most miles I had ever ridden in one day, in my entire life. I made it to camp feeling accomplished and exhausted. Day 1 check!

Day two was a sad day for me because I was only able to make it to the first rest stop without piercing pains through my right knee cap (that hill aka the Little Fucker didn’t help, but I still peddled to the top of it!). At rest stop one, about 14 miles in, I couldn’t pedal at all. There were no sports med doctors until lunchtime so I had to hitch a ride in a SAG car. I got re-tapped with kinetic tape at lunch and was able to ride 70 more miles! Aside from the struggles I experienced the first half of the morning, day 2 went from a sad day to being my favorite day. There were so many sights to see! My favorite was when we stopped by a river under a bridge where people were stripping out of their bike shorts, leaving their bikes on the side of a hill and swimming in the clear waters flowing downstream. A few miles later there was an 'Otter Pop stop' where everyone was in tutus, shaking their booty’s to dance music and eating otter pops!

I won’t get into the details of everyday, mostly because everything has merged into one large memory by now and also because I don’t want to bore you. The whole ride demanded the most physical and mental energy I have ever experienced. 10 hours a day on a bicycle with no sounds just yourself and your thoughts.. I made some great friends, kept great memories, saw beautiful California landscapes and immersed myself into the Love Bubble. Also, I made it to the finish line.. on my bicycle.. with no broken bones and no flat tires! I would say that is an overall win regardless.


Anyway.. I hope you enjoy the video! It makes me cry every time I play it.

Filmed by Sara & Natalie Uduwela, Compiled by Kevin Cobarrubia